Vocational Discovery in a Global Community

The KIVU Gap Year is Re-shaping Education

For the last 6 years, The KIVU Gap Year has provided High School Graduates with the chance to search for their Vocational Interests in America and around the World.  Meeting with Leaders in their chosen field of study, The KIVU Gap Year students are now entering University with clear direction, experience, and a network of leaders they can connect with for life.  

Vocational Discovery in a Global Community

Helping Students by re-shaping the educational experience
Did you know only 60% of University Freshman are going to actual finish to their degree?
Did you know the student loan debt in America is approaching $1.5 Trillion?
Did you know students are now realizing a new phenomenon called a "Quarter Life Crisis?"

The KIVU Gap Year is attempting to address these problems by offering students a view of education different from the one they are learning about today.  Instead of seeing the University as a four year party, we help students see the University as a tool they can use for an on-ramp to their chosen vocational dreams.  We've now been able to see students graduate from University in 3 -4 years instead of the U.S. Government's average 6 years.  We're watching students come alive in their passion and calling.  And we're seeing our graduates able to engage in a Global Environment by the experiences they get traveling to six  different cultures during their residence.  

Overall, The KIVU Gap Year is revolutionizing the Freshman year at the University and we're now seeing Universities calling us to provide experiences for their new freshman classes.  

We would like to provide more financial aid to our students today.  Much like the University System, there are scholarship opportunities afforded for students when people like you decide to partner with organizations who can show quantifiable results.  Will you consider giving today?