Helping United States Congressional Leaders

To Follow Jesus

In 1940, two small groups of leaders began meeting every week on Capitol Hill to have breakfast together and pray.  The mission:  to pray for the country, to come together in a bi-partisan way, and to learn what Jesus meant when through the greatest commandment, "Love God, and Love your Neighbor."  

in 1953 under President Eisenhower the US House of Representatives, and the US Senate came together to form the National Prayer Breakfast.  

Since that time, ministry leaders have been encouraging US Congressional leaders in their walk with Jesus.  Each generation sees a new group rise up and for such a time is this:  I and my team have a unique historical opportunity to minister to today's leaders through the power  of prayer and one on one relationships with U.S. Members of Congress.  

I'm often asked, "How do you quantify your ministry?" And the truth is, because of the secretive nature of walking with Congressmen and Women in their faith, it is impossible to develop charts and graphs.  

We are committed to walking privately in closed door meetings to encourage, equip, teach, and train members interested in knowing how to practically live like Jesus called us to live.  

We have no other agenda.  We don't ask for anything in return.  And because of this privacy, leaders are willing to share their faith journey with us without any political threats.  And in turn, we see boldness begin to take root, and many of the members who attend the weekly breakfast are outspoken about their faith in all their government affairs.  

To Be A Friend With Jesus

Each week I travel from Denver Colorado to Washington DC when Congress is in Session.  I have a small team who helps to contact Members of the House and Senate for private one on one meetings to share about Jesus.  

Each week I have between 15-20 different new meetings, and I focus on 12 others who are regular attenders.  

As our relationships begin to grow, members reach out for prayer, encouragement, and someone they trust will hold their faith journey in private.  

Over the last several years those relationships are bearing much fruit, and God is on the move as the Spirit is working to bring Republicans  AND Democrats to a knee bending humility toward their work.