Bethany Bible Church may be supported with noncash items of value!

We have partnered with iDonate to be able to accept noncash items of value. iDonate does all the work so that we may further our mission. 
These are the kinds of items that may be accepted:

Always accepted

• Passenger vehicles

• Precious metal bullion, grain and coins

• Commodities

• 14K Gold, platinum and diamond jewelry

• Gift cards (minimum balance of $15; must be an accepted company)

• Publicly traded stock

Typically accepted

• Recent model smart phones, Apple laptops, iPads, tablets and eReaders

• Large quantities of business inventory overstock

• Motorcycles

• Collections: coins, dolls, autographed items, etc.

• Furs and designer purses

• Oriental rugs

Accepted on case-by-case basis

• Boats, RVs, ATVs, and other recreational vehicles

• Real estate

• Business interest

• Other donations with a resale value of over $250

Not accepted

• Outdated medical equipment and used electric wheelchairs

• Furniture, exercise equipment, and home appliances

• Timeshares and cemetery plots

• Anything you would see in a thrift store (i.e. books, apparel, mattresses)