Our Story

We are Scott and Jerri Carpenter! We are missionaries at Camp Gilead in Polk City, Florida. We have two beautiful little boys; MJ and Captain!

Scott is the Program Director and Jerri is the Outdoor Education and SALT (Service And Leadership Training) Director. 

Scott gets to do many things as a program director but his biggest ministry is SUMMER CAMP! He gets to plan the theme and schedule, hire our summer staff, come up with and run games, and so much more. There is so much to running a summer program but he absolutely loves it.

Jerri takes care of and goes to shows with our animals we have here at camp! She teaches all about how God created each and every one of us and them very special. It is also fun just to show people how amazing God’s creation is and that snakes aren’t that scary! Jerri also works with the teens. She works with them throughout the year by having them volunteer, do devotionals, and connecting with them. The SALT members are our CITs and LITs for the summer! They all do so many wonderful things!

We are filled with joy in where God has placed us! If you have any questions about what we do and want to know even more, please contact us! We love sharing what God does.