Our Story

Johnathan and Debbie Edwards were appointed to serve with Children’s Bible Ministries at Camp Gilead in Polk City, Florida in 2017.  Johnathan is the Financial Officer and Debbie coordinates the Bible Correspondence Course.

They served as missionaries from 1983 – 2000 in Maine, New Hampshire, Australia and New Zealand.  They were involved in children and teen camps and local church ministries, teaching “Bible in Schools” classes in public schools, ministry finances and as the Dean of Students for a Bible College.

They learned about Camp Gilead through family members who came here themselves and by getting to know Camp Gilead and CBM staff through Missions Conferences at their church.

Now, God is again leading them back into full-time ministry. Along with handling the finances and the Bible Correspondence Course, they will be involved with camp, after school Bible Clubs and office administration.