Project 80

Our Celebration of 80 Years of Ministry!

After a fantastic year of ministry, we here at Camp Gilead are looking forward to having an even better year in 2019! We have seen God change hundreds of lives through summer camps, guest ministries, and after-school Bible clubs. 

To better serve Him, we have two financial goals to round out the year:

Goal 1 is to finally retire the debt. We started at $120,000 two years ago, and have only $40,000 remaining! With your help, we can eliminate that burden.

Goal 2 is to be able to provide our winter volunteers with the materials needed to accomplish some major projects around the campus. We are looking to raise $15,000 so the willing hands of our volunteers can work on these projects.

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About Us

"Changing Lives...One Heart at a Time!"

Camp Gilead is a 501(c)3 non-profit, non-denominational, faith-supported ministry. Camp Gilead, the Bible Lessons Program, after-school Bible Clubs, and each of the missionary families are supported by the tax-deductible donations of churches, businesses and friends of the ministry. Any donation you make to help support this ministry would be appreciated and acknowledged with a tax-deductible receipt.