I understand that my peer advisory group will have the benefit of hundreds of hours of accumulated experience by a network of groups and staff around the country. Vital tools have been developed based on experience including the Leaders' Manual, Members' Manual, interactive learning resources, forms, and meeting formats, saving time and needless experimentation.

I understand that my peer advisory group will be supported by the CBMC Leadership office and staff, as well as the CBMC Ministry Support Center and staff. Support can include a trained facilitator, clerical and administrative services, materials, resource information, counsel, and training. 


Since 1930, CBMC has helped business leaders around the world integrate their faith and work. In 1986 we established our first peer advisory group.  There are many options when it comes to leadership development. However, those who are committed to their Christian values and desire to integrate these into their business have limited choices.

The peer advisory groups provide a confidential peer to peer environment where faith and leadership intersect. It is a whole life leadership approach, encompassing the multiple roles and responsibilities leaders maintain with their business, family and greater community.


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