Partners of Cedar Lake Ministries

Mission Movers is a convenient way you can manage your choice to support Cedar Lake Ministries through monthly payments that are transferred automatically from either your bank account or credit card.

About the Benefits


1. Allows us to engage ministry opportunities. Monthly donors ensure we are prepared when special needs arise, whether related to our facilities or our guests.
2. Provides stable and budgeted income. Monthly donors establish the foundation we need to plan effectively for ministry reach and expansion.
3. Sustains our work. Monthly donors provide the heart behind the mission. By giving of your finances, focus, and prayers, the longevity of the ministry is strengthened.


1. Invitations to special ministry update luncheons with our Interim Executive Director, Mike James and opportunities to invite guests that are not familiar with the ministry or are interested in partnering with us.
2. An invitation to share special prayer requests with us to be covered by our prayer partners.
3. Honorary seating and recognition at special events throughout the year.
4. A special decal to place in your car window.
5. Regular ministry updates.