Mission Movers

Sustaining Partners of Cedar Lake Ministries

Mission Movers is a monthly giving program that provides sustaining partners for Cedar Lake Ministries. Mission Movers is a convenient way you can manage your choice to support Cedar Lake Ministries through monthly payments that are transferred automatically from either your bank account or credit card.

About the Benefits

for you and Cedar Lake Ministries


Each and every day, Mission Movers...

1. Keeps us ready to respond to ministry opportunities. Monthly donors ensure we are ready to respond when special needs arise, whether related to our facilities or our guests.

2. Provides predictable income. Monthly donors provide the base of support so we can plan for ministry growth and expansion. 

3. Sustains our work. Mission Movers provides the dollars for the day-to-day work of Cedar Lake Ministries.


As a vital part of our ministry outreach of evangelism and spiritual growth, Mission Movers provides regular opportunities for monthly donors to see and learn of the ministry firsthand. As a Mission Mover, you will receive the following benefits...

1. Invitations to special ministry update luncheons during a ministry event with opportunities to see our ministry in action. 

2. A hotline for special prayer requests related to you and our ministry. 

3. A special 2019 decal to place in your car window.