Help Make Financial Disciples

of all nations!

Your gift will help advance the call to make financial disciples globally by translating the new discipleship studies, Financial Discipleship and, Building Your Finances God's Way into 14 languagesArabic, French, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, German, English UK, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Swahili, Tamil, Malayalam, and French Canadian


By making a generous gift today, the process of translating, printing, and distributing these important financial discipleship resources can move forward and because of you, continue to make financial disciples of ALL NATIONS, so that everyone, everywhere can faithfully live by God's financial principles in every area of their lives.

Any gift is appreciated. However, when you make a donation of $50 or more we will send you a copy of our new book by Peter J. Briscoe, Financial Discipleship.

When you make a monthly commitment of $50 or more, we will send you a copy of the Financial Discipleship book, the revised edition of Howard Dayton's book, Your Money Counts, and a copy of The Stewardship Bible.


In the event this project is overfunded, your gift will be applied to our general fund or where needed most.