Day & Night International Ministries

India, Asia & China

For over fifteen years Day & Night International has been instrumental in reaching the unreached people of India, Asia and China with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thru open air meetings held in villages and towns where most have never even heard of the name Jesus, The Cross is preached with simplicity and the power of God demonstrated as people believe on Jesus.

After seven years in the villages of Southern India, the Lord spoke, "It is time to go to Nagaland! You will have…a mighty Harvest of Souls!" 

Nagaland, home to sixteen Naga tribes, borders Burma, China, Nepal and nearby Bhutan. Once fierce headhunters, the Nagas are now open to Jesus Christ and following Christianity. Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, and more, have migrated to Nagaland. They are…our close neighbors.