Thanks to partners like you, over the last week $4,500 was given toward food and other essential needs of Elevate Indy students. These funds will continue to be invested in our George Washington and Arsenal Tech High School students as needs arise. 


We are preparing to transition all our accredited in-school classes to e-learning, and our mentoring will be facilitated online as well.  Elevate is designed to be flexible, and we will continue to make a high-impact investment in economically disadvantaged students through this time.  New opportunities are emerging for us to increase our Pathways to Purpose college and career mentoring by making use of the increased time availability of our students.  Our staff is training on new methods of online classroom engagement, and we are using the skills of adaptability we've honed to maintain relational approaches in an even more digital era.


But, to make this move to digital, socially distant learning, our students will need access to tools and resources currently unbudgeted that will be critical for helping our students take positive advantage of their unstructured free time.


Would you partner with us to raise an additional $2,500 for our students to engage in Pathways to Purpose programming?  These funds will support:

  • Paid memberships of the Zoom and Zoom Education platform for our Teacher-Mentors.
  • Purchase of 15 mini iPads to be used by our seniors to assure they stay on-track-to-graduate and for their planning beyond graduation.
  • Special incentives for our Elevate students to achieve major college and career goals, commonly referred to as Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports.


Your partnership continues to be critical in this season for the success of our students. If you are able, please consider partnering with us to help raise this $2,500 we need to show up for students well during this season.