Support a Community e-Learning Site

Elevate Indianapolis is partnering with community organizations to respond to the needs of children and families in our city.

Tens of thousands of public school students within Indianapolis Public School's boundaries, including all of our Elevate students, will be engaged in full-time e-learning through October. 


Many of these students are in great need of e-learning support to stay on track in meeting their educational needs.


Together with Shepherd Community Center, Cornerstone Lutheran Church, and other supporting non-profits, we will be providing a Community e-Learning Site for up to 50 students daily in the Near-Eastside. 


At this Community e-Learning Site, safe and healthy space will be provided for students to have access to WiFi, supervision through the day, and a friendly face to offer help and mentoring when needed, in addition to providing snacks and a lunch for each student. 


For Elevate Indianapolis, this means increased expenses outside of our 20-21 operating budget including increased staffing and program expenses to meet this critical need in the community, upwards of $10,000 of additional expenses for the next 90 days. 


We are reaching out to you as our community to ask for your support of children who’ve been placed in continued challenging circumstances that make it impossible for thousands to succeed. To support this initiative simply fill out the donation form below.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to us at