Fellowship at the Fairways, a Juneteenth Celebration

2nd Annual Sports & Adventure tradition

Fellowship on the Fairways, a special Juneteenth experience for Elevate students, is taking place June 17th. Through this experience, Elevate students will be paired with volunteer golfers from the community to play a 9 hole best-ball scramble at Frederick Douglass Park's historic golf course.  For most—if not for all students—this will be their first time playing the game of golf.  This is a Sports & Adventure Mentoring opportunity for students that enables them to solidify positive relationships with their Teacher-Mentors, other Elevate students, and community volunteers. Such relationships are the foundation of our program that lead to life-changing results. 

At Elevate, we know these relationships make all the difference.

Many Elevate students, have never had the opportunity to formally celebrate Juneteenth.  They’ve likely not been taught much about Juneteenth history or about heroes such as Frederick Douglass. But you can help to change that. A $19 gift will help us give students a Juneteenth experience--Fellowship on the Fairways--they will never forget. With your help, they'll learn about Juneteenth and its historical significance. And they'll be able to enjoy a special celebration planned to honor BIPOC heritage.