Sanctuary Renovation Project

A Grand Heritage and Great Future

Epworth First Baptist Church has a grand heritage. Throughout our 112 year history, the people of EFBC have been used by God in incredible ways to advance His Kingdom and the Gospel. Lives have been changed and disciples have been made in our community, country, and around the world.  For this we give God all the glory.

EFBC also has a great future ahead! We are excited about how God is going to continue to use us to change lives and make disciples for many years to come! While we have a grand heritage, our facilities are in much need of repair and updating.  In an effort to be a church, not just for our current members, but also one that effectively reaches our community including the future generations of our children and grandchildren, we are updating and repairing our current sanctuary and welcome center areas.  If EFBC has held a special place in your life in the past or if it is a vital part of your current walk with the Lord we would like to provide you with the opportunity to give.

Scope of the Project

More than just paint and carpet.

The renovation project will update and repair a large span of our facilities from the front  exterior steps, through the sanctuary, into the welcome center and hallways leading to the education building. It will include new sound, lighting, video, seating, flooring, create a more functional platform, fix structural issues,  and more! The renovation aims to modernize our facilities while preserving our traditional style and decor.