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 On November 17, 2020, Rupert Salmon of the Spokane, Washington area became a trailblazer: He bought the television station operated by the Upper Columbia Conference and thus became one of the few black television station owners and in all likelihood became the first black Seventh-day Adventist station owner.

His journey began in Kingston, Jamaica. He immigrated to the United States in 1972, settling in New Jersey. He found out that he had an interest in computer programming and that is where he made his career-in building and developing computers.

He and his wife were homeschooling their children. It was on a trip to a homeschool seminar in Spokane, Washington that he fell in love with the Pacific Northwest and decided to make the cross country move to Spokane.

He became a member of the Spokane Valley SDA Church. His gifts and interests led him to the Audio-Visual (AV) department of that church-a department that he wound up heading.

While working there, someone made the life-altering suggestion that he work with Conference TV-the station owned and operated by the Upper Columbia Conference. He became a management consultant for the station.

It was while he was doing consulting for the station that he began to be impressed with what must have first seemed to be an outlandish vision: Instead of simply giving recommendations to others about the best way to fulfill their vision for the station, why not buy the station and institute the vision that the Lord had given him?


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