Sarah Stroud -- "I want to be your missionary to Gen Z!"

I have a call on my life to rescue lost and dying people for Jesus through HowtoLIfe Movement®

I am humbled I can use my gifts to help mobilize young people to reach their friends for Christ.


I want to use the best of my time and abilities here on this earth to help rescue lost people with the Good News of Jesus Christ!  


I currently serve as a missionary to Generation Z, through the vehicle of the well-established organization called HowToLife Movement®.


HowToLife is a non-profit, student-led, evangelistic ministry that exists to share the gospel and disciple my generation through evangelistic events and online.  I invite you to read more about this amazing ministry at  (More at the bottom of this page, "ABOUT").


I have been invited to come on staff with HowToLife Movement, to help young people reach our generation for Jesus Christ. I have the incredible honor of serving as the HowtoLife Ministry and Events Coordinator.


My role is to work directly with student leaders all over the United States and around the world, as they prepare for their student-led outreach events.  Every day, I am in direct communication with these young leaders -- providing coaching, mentoring, encouragement, and direction – to help their outreach events reach as many young people  as possible with the hope of Jesus.


I feel such joy, to serve as a missionary to my generation, and the world, knowing that God is using my gifts to help rescue lives for Jesus! I am grateful for the support of my family, my mentors, and you for your generosity in helping us reach a lost generation and world for Jesus Christ.

How can you help?


I am inviting you to join my prayer and support team. Will you join me in this exciting journey to rescue lives for Jesus?


I would like to be your personal missionary to a generation of lost teenagers. The harvest is plentiful, and the opportunity to impact this generation is now!  Today’s generation of young people are hurting from so much anxiety, fear, loneliness, depression, and uncertainty about the future.  They need Jesus!


Will you be a committed prayer warrior? The enemy hates what we are doing. Your prayer for me as your missionary will make all the difference. I don’t dare go any further without mobilizing a team of committed prayer warriors. Will you please be on that team?


Second, I want to invite you to be a monthly financial partner. Your monthly gift will make it possible for me to be on the front lines -- helping reach this generation with the Gospel every day! 


When you give, you will literally be SENDING ME to help rescue lost young people for Jesus!  This year, we have already seen so much fruit – and now we must get to so many more. If you would be willing, please pray about becoming a prayer and monthly financial partner of me as your missionary to a generation of lost young people. When you join my support team, I will commit to sending you regular updates and prayer requests about what God is doing.

HowToLife Movement is Making a Difference

Reaching, Discipling, and Mobilizing Gen Z for Jesus

The HowToLife Movement is a large movement of Gen Z young people from all over the United States and the world that seeks to rescue, disciple, and mobilize our generation with the hope of Jesus.

The key is raising up bold leaders, and equipping them to reach their friends for Jesus -- because Gen Z will listen to their peers!


Here is how God is using HowToLIfe Movement:


         1.  Local Student-led Outreach Events

HowToLife Movement events are gatherings of young people led by young people!  Through worship, dramas, testimonies, the Gospel is shared, and students are invited to respond publicly to stand for Jesus.


Starting in 2015, HowToLife Movement events have taken place across the United States, England, Germany, France, Mexico, and Canada, and quickly spreading around the world.


2.   International Student-Leadership Retreats and Conferences


HowToLife Movement gathers together student-leaders from across the country for regional and national Leadership retreats, and online conferences.  These events gather young leaders together, for prayer, growth, and impacting our generation with the Gospel. 


The most recent online “Z Conference” had participants join from 38 different countries.



3.   Digital Media Outreach


Through the social media platforms of Instagram, YouTube, and the HowToLife Movement app, HowToLife Movement is enhancing the spiritual lives of young people around the world.  Young people are sharing their stories online to encourage a generation to stand and live for Jesus.

HowToLife Movement® is an accredited member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.  HowToLife Movement® is governed by a board of directors, and is a member of the Luis Palau Global Network of Evangelists.  For more information, visit