Become a legend at Lindenwood University by leaving a lasting impression on campus. There are countless locations awaiting your mark on Lindenwood history. Items to purchase include tree plaques, swing plaques, and brick pavers.

Tree Plaque ($1,000)

Lindenwood University was named for the grove of linden trees on our campus. Linden trees can last over one hundred years and can commemorate your foresight, all types of trees, along with a special brass plaque are available for purchase.

  • The size of the tree plaque is 5"h x 8"w

Swing Plaque ($1,000)

Celebrate the beauty of Lindenwood with your own swing for others to enjoy. Engrave your name or the name of a loved one on a swing plaque as a lasting tribute for the life of a swing.

  • The size of the swing plaque is 4"h x 6"w

Brick Paver ($125)

For years, your brick paver will remain a part of the campus walkways and commemorate an exceptional accomplishment.

  • There are three lines available with thirteen characters per line.
  • Letters, numbers, spaces, and punctuation marks count as characters.

After your order is placed, a member from Advancement and Communications will reach out to you directly to discuss the location and wording of your tree, swing, or brick!