New Hope Centre

Orphans today - Leaders tomorrow

Swaziland has a prophetic destiny in the earth, but the enemy has struck a vicious blow through HIV/AIDS. 

Statistics report that one in three persons are infected and 8,000 children are orphaned monthly. These children have no relatives left and no hope of making it as the older children give up school to seek employment to care for younger siblings.

The NEW HOPE CENTRE in BETHANY provides for multiple needs of children within the Swazi nation. It includes a pre-school providing early childhood education and love to the orphaned and abandoned children; an ACE School (elementary and high school) providing excellence in education and Biblical foundation. Music, drama, praise and worship is central to the life and health of the home. The Training Centre prepares those to minister to children, to open orphanages, or those who will open their homes to enlarge their tents and take in these orphaned children. The aim is that these orphaned children will be the Godly leaders of African nations in the years to come. 

You can be a part of God’s heart toward these children by giving of your time in prayer, your finance in gifts and your talent in volunteering to come on short term or long-term service.