Senior Class Gift Scholarship

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Established 2014

2014 Senior Class Gift

Fifteen dollars will buy you four lattes at Starbucks, 1.5 movie tickets, and gas for three trips up and down the mountain. It could also help a financially-struggling student stay at Covenant.

The 2014 senior class has the privilege of inaugurating the Senior Class Gift Scholarship. In establishing the scholarship, we will provide scholarship funds for a current student who is having financial difficulty returning to Covenant. Our goal is for our class to collectively give $2,500. We are asking every member of the class of 2014 to give 15 dollars to meet this goal and fully fund our senior class scholarship gift.

Behind the scenes, the Alumni Office, Student Senate, and the Facilities Department have collaborated to renovate the pathway next to the library with newly placed stones where our class year will be engraved in commemoration of our dedication to the mission of Covenant. The path will serve as a physical monument to the new tradition of seniors giving to scholarships and will encourage those who walk along the path in their own journey of sacrificial giving. 

In our first step as Covenant alumni, we have the chance to help other students experience the same thoughtful professors who became our friends, the halls we love, and the buffalo chicken wraps we devoured. When we walk across the stage at graduation, let’s do more than grab a diploma. Let’s begin a legacy of supporting Covenant and the next generation of Scots.