Rescued Not Arrested

Roger Munchian, the founder of Rescued Not Arrested, is a former multiple felon who saw his arrest as a "Damascus Road" experience, similar to Saul's, that turned him around and saved his life (& his soul). This is the HOPE we offer to others.

Rick Wappel is a long-time resident of Phoenix, Arizona. After finishing high school at age 17 he enrolled the Air Force to serve our country in the Vietnam War. Rick is married to Janice and they have two children and one grandchild. Over the years Rick maintained the desire to unselfishly contribute to society. As a business owner he invested countless hours serving communities that are economically challenged. Rick serves the homeless by providing meals on a weekly basis to those living on the streets of Phoenix. His involvement went beyond what was expected of him since he believes that every human being is valuable regardless of race, social status or gender. Currently, Rick is one of the Teaching Pastors serving hundreds of those incarcerated and their families. His unselfish service to society is an ingredient to solving the issue of social stigma. His passion is to see people start anew.

Carl Etchison, who has been a pastor for over 30 years, believes that it is unacceptable to pick one or two from the groups of those in need or suffering that Jesus identifies, and simply ignore the needs of the others. I want to help influence, encourage, and equip more Christians to serve others in the name of Jesus; to help them see ministry to others as basic to their responsibility as His disciples. Roger has certified me as his "ministry agent" for Rescued Not Arrested in Texas, giving me access to Life Application Study Bibles, lesson materials and other resources to help with our prison ministry efforts in this state. I look forward to more people joining us in this journey of faith and faithfulness, as "ambassadors of grace." I am offering to partner with you in ministry, to "the least of these." 

JC Castro, an Air Force veteran, and a retired Air Traffic Controller, is a faithful steward of the word of God and a full-time volunteer in three prisons units, teaching classes and coordinating the faith-based programming through The Chaplaincy Department. We help men focus on their spiritual growth. Despite the low funding of prison ministry, we have done great work.