Support a Service Dog's Four Feet with Socks for Your Two Feet

Celebrate Service Dogs, Inc. since 1988 with the 2018 Mighty Texas Dog Walk Carnaval Theme Socks just $15

2018 Socks that will inspire to share the love and service between our dogs and graduates. The socks feature the artwork by Mauro who for 15 years has helped with our t-shirt designs.  We know you will wear these proudly to support those lives that you can impact!

All monies raised will be used to further our Mission: To rescue dogs abandoned to animal shelters and transform them into lifelines for people living with a disability.

High-quality, comfortable socks by Spirit Sox are great for Dog Walk day or everyday!

$15 when picked up with your Mighty Texas Dog Walk Registration Packet.  Or, add $6.86 shipping.

Show Off Your Socks at the Mighty Texas Dog Walk

Sock it to us baby!

Buy your socks! - Wear them to the Mighty Texas Dog Walk - Snap a Selfie - #MightyTexasDogWalk