What do YOU think causes ME/CFS?

We want to hear from you!

The underlying cause of ME/CFS is still a mystery… one that we are working hard to solve every day.

We know there are many different theories and avenues to explore, but we want to hear what our community thinks. 

The cause that receives the most votes will be the focus of a special webinar to explore the current research and scientific theories in that area. 

There is research occurring in each of the areas below... but we want to hear from YOU.  What do you believe is the cause of ME/CFS? 

Choose from:

a. Infections (eg. Mononucleosis, Epstein-bar virus) 

b. Immune System (eg. Auto-immune response, natural killer cells, T-cell activation) 

c. Neurological (eg. Brain infection, vagus nerve) 

d. Genetic (eg. Faulty genes, DNA or energy production) 

e. Environmental (eg. Toxic exposure, mold) 

f. Other