Save Lives

Note: All donations are channeled to the General Fund but will be designated 100% to the El Salvador COVID 19 Relief Fund

El Salvador has implemented strict quarantine measures since March 21st, before any COVID-19 cases were detected locally. As only key industries and stores are allowed to function, this has halted the income stream of millions of families, since only 22% of the workforce receives a regular salary.

The rest of the churches are using their own funds and donations to provide relief, even though the churches' income has decreased greatly.
Unfortunately, over the next 3 weeks of quarantine we expect more and more families to become unable to support themselves, and some families that work in agriculture may need to sell or consume their grain stocks before the next planting season.

The churches are not allowed to meet, but they keep in touch through social media and text messaging as a way to encourage one another and care for the needy. We are also aware of the difficult situation in the US and Europe and we are praying for our brothers and sisters there.

We know that God is in control, as always, and we hope that he will use this pandemic as a way to attract many people who are living without hope so that they may find the true love and light of our savior Jesus Christ, Jesús el Salvador.
Churches Can Support Churches in El Salvador

  • $19 provides a family care package that feeds a family for 1 week
  • $ 60 provides a family with the seed needed to plant for harvest.  Currently, the farmers don't have the money to plant and right now is planting season. If they miss the sowing season then income becomes a year long problem.

Benefits of Giving Through the Synergy Network 
  • Synergy will not utilize any donations for over-head or administration. 100% of the donations go directly to help the people of El Salvador.
  • Churches and church leaders are known and trusted (10+ years)
  • Partnerships are already in place for direct and quick distribution of resources
  • Communities are known by the churches and give the support to those in need
  • Full accountability.  The network will have on record all receipts and pictures of supplies purchased
  • On-going ministry through the local churches. The "51" principle, partnership efforts happens year round