Success Stories

“I’m 23 now, have 3 children and a wonderful wife. I served my country for three years in the Army National Guard as mechanic. I’ve stayed out of trouble and I want to thank you all there for the time I spent at TCH. You really made an impact on my life.”  - Jamie

“Roy learned the importance of freedom and the price that is paid for that freedom. When Roy returned home, the first thing he did was paint an American flag on one of his walls, in his room.

Roy learned how to control his anger and walks away from situations of conflict now. The TCH program he went through taught him that things in life are earned. He learned respect for authority, himself and others. 

Roy has found out he can do more than he thought he ever could. He believes he has a future. He didn’t believe he had before. Thank you for the part you played in his life. May God continue to bless your work at TCH as you labor for God’s glory.”  - Roy’s Mom 

About Tennessee Children's Home

We have served over 20,000 since 1909.


Tennessee Children's Home provides group home residential treatment, child and family counseling, and independent living programs. The purposes of TCH became to support, educate and provide Christian out-of-home care for children who are victims of abuse, dependent neglected, orphaned, and/or exploited, making all reasonable and practical efforts to provide services to meet their intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual needs. A further purpose is to provide family intervention that is intended to prevent or reverse family disintegration through a series of community based and family based intervention strategies. 

With four campuses located across the state, Tennessee Children’s Home is able to offer a variety of services to children and their families. These include residential care for children placed by the Department of Children’s Services and/or juvenile justice and classified as needing Level II services. TCH also offers A&D programs. The group home residences are family oriented-serving no more than 8 children per house under the guidance of Christian house parents. Each campus offers supervised recreational facilities such as gymnasiums, lakes for fishing and boating, swimming pools, low and high ropes course, nature trails, softball fields, volleyball, exercise and weight-lifting equipment, games rooms, and other activities.

All the children in our care, regardless of the program, receive professional counseling. For some privately placed children, those classified as Level II, TCH offers on-campus and highly structured, therapeutic educational facilities. TCH also provides a minimum 3-month monitoring program to assist children and their families in the transition back into home, school, and work environments. 


The Level II residential care program is designed for children who may be abused or neglected and who may exhibit runaway or delinquent behavior. They may have problems with their families, local law enforcement, school environments, or with their own personal behavior. The children served are between 13 and 18 years old. The children receive individual and group counseling, assistance with individual problems, and behavior modification instruction designed to help them become responsible adults. They live in group homes designed to be as family integrated as possible. 

The Cornerstone School in Spring Hill, Duncan Academy in Knoxville, and New Heights in Pinson are the on-campus schools that provide for the educational needs of children in Level II programs and private placements. Most of these children are academically behind and/or have special learning needs. The school offers a structured and treatment-oriented environment, a 6:1 student-teacher ratio, tutoring, and special education classes. Students take courses in Math, Science, English, Reading, Life Skills, Physical Education, and Bible. 

As Tennessee Children’s Home works with abuse, neglect, wayward, and orphaned children and youth, all reasonable and practical efforts are made to provide services to meet their intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual needs. This program has already proven successful as we observe the changes in student’s behavior. The children become more self-confident, have less personal behavioral problems and are more productive as members of their community. We are providing the highest quality program promising the overall growth and success of each child in our care.