Foundations of Freedom Fund

Foundations of Freedom is the advisor of a donor advised fund named The Foundations of Freedom Fund (the “Fund”) at Servant Foundation d/b/a The Signatry (“The Signatry”). 

As an advisor to the Fund, Foundations of Freedom has the right to recommend grants from the Fund. The recommendations will be strongly considered by The Signatry and will be dependent on the proposed grantee, the intended use of the granted amount and, whether the grant would be in compliance with applicable U.S. law and The Signatry’s charitable purposes. The Signatry’s management makes the ultimate decision on grants made from the Fund.  As is the case with The Signatry, any organization to which The Signatry sends a grant from the Fund will have full and exclusive control and discretion over the granted assets.

By clicking “Give Now,” you are acknowledging:

  • Your donation to the Fund is an irrevocable and nonrefundable donation to Servant Foundation d/b/a The Signatry (EIN: 43-1890105);
  • The assets held in the Fund are The Signatry’s property, and The Signatry has exclusive legal control over the assets; and
  • The Signatry has not provided any goods or services in consideration, in whole or in part, for your donation.
  • Grants from the Fund can be used only for charitable purposes and not for the benefit of any donor or donor advisor to the Fund (except as permitted by law), or for any other purpose conferring impermissible private benefit.