The Seattle Group for Police Accountability

and what we do!

The Seattle Group for Police Accountability is a political activism group that was born from the community’s need for police accountability. Seattle’s history has shown that the Seattle Police Department (SPD) continually avoids various avenues to hold it accountable and transparent. Our mission is to hold SPD accountable for misconduct and ensure they fulfill their expected role in our communities.

The intention of SGPA is to work alongside efforts by the community and other groups to de-fund and restructure the Seattle Police Department. We will advocate for (1) a critical look within the SPD’s contracts, related manuals, documents, legislation, communication - current or future - and advocate for necessary changes, (2) transparency to the public and with community involved oversight entities (ex. Community Police Commission (CPC)), (3) empowerment of oversight entities like the CPC so that they can legally hold SPD accountable, (4) simplified avenues for Seattle residents to report police misconduct in a manner that ensures investigation, accountability, and transparency to residents, and (5) transparency about our findings and initiatives, which we will communicate through our platform.

About the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle

Empowering Communities. Changing Lives.

The Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle responds to the growing economic needs of those we serve by providing support, services, training opportunities, and programming through our five pillars of focus: 

  • Education
  • Workforce Development
  • Housing
  • Advocacy
  • Health

As the second-oldest civil rights organization in the state of Washington, ULMS is one of the region's essential economic responders, helping families overcome barriers preventing them from reaching self-sufficiency in all aspects of life. 

ULMS also serves as  a liaison between community members, local businesses, city and county government, and other service based organizations that share our concern for the welfare of the Black community and other disadvantaged residents in the Greater Puget Sound area.