THRIVE Campaign

Preparing students to THRIVE

Our vision at Valley Christian School is to prepare students to THRIVE in life, through an academically challenging, biblically-based education.  Your generosity will profoundly and positively change lives and shape minds through an educational process rooted in God's word.  Our THRIVE CAMPAIGN will focus on assuring the spiritual and intellectual enrichment of our students, while also sustaining high-quality athletic and extra-curricular opportunities at VCS.  We look forward to a great future at Valley Christian School and we are deeply grateful for your crucial support.

Thank you so much for your Generosity!! 

Because you gave, last year we were blessed to be a catalyst of over 15 students coming to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior!!  

Through your sacrifice and ongoing support, we have sent several students to Guatamala and the Bahamas where they fed hungry families and learned to build homes and serve sacrificially. 

Because of your heart for Christian Education, our graduates have been accepted into every major University in Arkansas.

Valley Christian School

​Valley Christian, previously known as Community Christian School, has been in the River Valley for nearly 20 years!  We recently changed our name, because we want people to know we are located in the River VALLEY!  We are thankful for the spiritual guidance of individuals who value Christian education over two decades.  We are located in Russellville, Arkansas and have recently purchased land with plans to build our own campus!