Veterans to Farmers - Turning Protectors Into Providers!

Our Mission

The mission of Veterans to Farmers (VTF) is to train veterans in agricultural systems, technologies, and business operations for a fulfilling sustainable business and lifestyle.  Turning Protectors into Providers!

What we do

Veterans to Farmers offers an opportunity for our men and women who have sacrificed so much to be our protectors.  We offer a way to recover, to learn, and to move forward by becoming our providers, contributing to the solution of our food insecure nation.

Why Is Veterans to Farmers important?

Veterans -  VTF helps veterans to assimilate effectively, productively, and permanently into private citizenry by training them in agricultural practices that leads to urban homesteading and/or business ownership.

Neighborhoods - The establishment or re-establishment of farms increases commerce, revenue, the areas's tax base, and food security.

Consumers - Increased production of organic, local vegetables with renewable energy technologies and sustainable growing methods improves the long-term health of the community by providing access to clean, fresh, and hyper local food for all.

Our Ecological System - The expansion of industrial agricultural has placed considerable pressure on America's rural land and natural resources.  VTF leverages both small-scale organic soil farming methods, as well as greenhouse technologies (uses only 10% of the land and 10% of the water used in traditional agriculture, while producing 10x the yield), in order to positively impact our food system.  

A Look Towards our Local Food Future:

"We are in a time of extraordinary opportunity.  After a decade of seismic shocks to our country from global terrorism, to deep recessions, and major national disasters , each of the three legs of sustainability - the environment, the economy, and social equity of our communities - is in crisis!  Yet throughout this time a movement has grown which brings great hope for a more healthy, sustainable, and prosperous future.  It is the movement to produce, access, secure, and consume good and healthy food.  People are re-awakening to the fact that food is not only the basis for our health, but it is also at the basis of traditions, customs, and culture that bind us together as family and community."

                - Jim Cochran and Larry Yee, Food Commons

Your Donation -  Will allow us to continue retraining veterans in innovative farming techniques, and help cultivate their emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Our goal is to empower veterans through the realization that their own efforts and contributions are important to their community!

Thank you for your consideration, and your tax-deductible donation!

About Veterans to Farmers

In 2009, United States Marine Corps veteran Buck Adams established Circle Fresh Farms, starting with a 12,000 sq/ft greenhouse into a 12 farm collaborative with a total of 5 acres of greenhouse within 3 years, becoming the largest organic greenhouse grower in Colorado. In 2011, he established a company initiative to train and hire fellow veterans. After successfully training 6 veterans, word spread about the program. With more than 300 eager participants, Adams realized that the interest from Veterans was much greater than he anticipated: Veterans to Farmers was formed. 

After forming VTF, the organization has developed 4 Colorado State University (CSU) certified training programs, each of these offers a CSU certificate at graduation. 

We exist to transform protectors into providers!

Often, trauma experienced in the military causes severe and long-lasting problems.  The common disorders associated with combat are acute stress disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, and substance abuse.   The impact of trauma can carry over into civilian life, making it difficult to find and keep fulfilling employment 

Even apart from these hardships, many veterans have trouble translating their military experience into gainful work, despite vocal commitments by employers to hire Veterans. 

Farming utilizes many of the same skills required in the military – hard work, attention to detail, and intensive teamwork; it has also proven to provide therapeutic benefits, including reducing symptoms of PTSD.   Working with other veterans struggling with similar issues provides an ideal environment for their re-entry  into the civilian world from active duty.