Give the Gift of Giving

through Animal Therapy

The ZOE Home for Youth Barn Project stands as a testament to ZOE’s unwavering dedication to pioneering innovative restoration programs.  This groundbreaking initiative is centered on harnessing the power of animal therapy to aid young survivors, aged 12 to 17, who have tragically endured the horrors of Commercial Sexual Exploitation.  

Sexual trauma, childhood abuse, assault, and other traumatizing incidents that our youth experience have many negative consequences.  Youth lose their sense of control, and self-efficacy, they develop post traumatic stress and mental health problems and they learn to protect themselves from their hurts by shoving their emotions.  The power of equine therapy provides opportunity for these effects of trauma to slowly fade away and begin to uncover blocked emotions, allowing youth to process and heal from past hurts. 

The initial investment encompasses the barn’s structural framework and the following features:

  • Dry Feed Room
  • Animal Stalls
  • Half Bath
  • Specialized Grooming Area
  • Tack and Office Room