Nick & Heather Durick

Nick grew up in Stillman Valley, just outside of Rockford, IL.  He moved to Mankato, MN and studied at Minnesota State University while working at the Printing Press.  After moving back to Rockford in 2009, Nick would begin a successful and highly acclaimed career in the auto industry, while achieving many of his personal and career goals as a top sales man in the Anderson Automotive Group.

Heather was raised in southwest Virginia and moved to Tennessee shortly after graduating high school in 1996.  After working with the NHRA drag racing circuit, and then as a studio photographer in Utah for 5 years, the Lord paved her way to Rockford where she would meet Nick while attending a young adult's Life Group.  Nick and Heather eventually began dating and started their own Life group in 2012.

The Durick's partnership with ZOE started in 2013 when Nick was accepted to go on a short-term missions trip to Thailand.  The first day Nick stepped out of the van and on to the grounds at ZOE, he sensed God calling him to his new home.  The following year, Heather was able to join him where she experienced the same soul-connection Nick had talked to her about for the last year.  The day before their departure back to America, Nick proposed to Heather while floating down the river on a bamboo raft!  They returned to Thailand in 2015 for their fairy tale wedding and were blessed to have so many of the ZOE staff and missionaries be a part of their magical day.  

While living in Rockford, Nick would continue his rise in the auto industry while Heather thrived at City First Church as the Office Manager and Administrative Assistant to several pastors.  They both were high capacity volunteers throughout their time at City First and loved serving together.  After taking their first year of marriage to focus on each other, they returned to missions in the winter of 2016.  For the next 2 years, they continued to pray about their burden for Thailand and human trafficking, and how God wanted to use the fire inside them to make an eternal difference. 

in 2017, the Duricks began to sell all of their belongings, packed what was left, quit their jobs, and in January 2018, got on a plane and moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand to work with ZOE International!  They knew that Heather would be working with short-term missions teams and Nick would be involved in Kids Ministry, but they had no idea that over the next 4 years, God was going to ignite new passions within them and use skillsets that they didn't even know existed...YET!

The day they said YES to that undeniable calling to Thailand was the day they began to experience God's favor in their lives.  They know they were in His will and are doing everything they can to reach every person with the Gospel and help rescue every child from human trafficking.