Cole & Abigail Jennerson

Cole and Abigail have always had a passion for seeing justice for the marginalized and reaching the lost with the Gospel of Jesus. But after going on a short term trip in 2012, Abigail felt the Lord specifically calling her to be a part of ZOE’s work in Thailand. Cole joined ZOE USA staff in 2013 doing accounting, but shortly after moved into his line of work doing media production. After a short term trip to Thailand in 2014, Cole also felt he was called to Thailand.

Cole and Abigail grew up childhood friends and highschool sweethearts. Shortly after Abigail graduated highschool in 2015, they were married and began moving towards being full time missionaries with ZOE. Cole’s background includes video production for the LAPD, three awards for best visual effects, and completion of an intensive course for post-production at a Hollywood-based trade school. Abigail has worked at many children’s camps and served in the youth group at her church for 5 years, leading worship and event planning. Abigail has also been a  volunteer with ZOE since her trip in 2012, helping with various events and office work.

Although they are young and have a lot to learn, Cole and Abigail are excited to see the Lord use them in amazing ways as they surrender their lives to Him.