Brandon & Cheryl Kim

While attending the Urbana Missions Conference in 2009, Brandon and Cheryl’s eyes were opened to the injustice of human trafficking and there God planted a seed of willingness to surrender their lives to join in His mission. They first learned about ZOE through a midnight Google search and subsequently visited in the summer of 2013. After numerous encounters and confirmations, the Kim family joyfully takes up their roots from California to join the ZOE family in Chiang Mai.

Brandon attended UC Davis where he received his B.S., M.S., and science teaching credential; however, it was during student teaching that he was led to work with students with learning challenges and special needs. For seven years, he taught special education courses in science and life/transition skills in a public high school while serving as Christian club advisor and youth group counselor. Brandon has a heart for raising the youth of this next generation to love the Lord our God: in particular, he is passionate about walking alongside and mentoring teenage boys/young men in helping them find their identity and purpose.

Cheryl taught second grade for nine years after receiving her B.A. in Human Development and M.A. in Education from UC Davis, while also serving as a youth counselor and Sunday school teacher. Her oversees experiences include working with elementary, middle school, and college students in China, Thailand, and Ukraine. Cheryl’s passions are creating meaningful and differentiated instruction for elementary-aged children and being a mom to their two energetic boys. Nathanael is almost four years old and loves drawing/writing in his “booknote” while Zachary is two and enjoys blowing bubbles and searching for bugs with his magnifying glass.