Brad & Lori Ortenzi

Brad and Lori experienced Thailand and ZOE firsthand in February 2014. Their hearts instantly connected to the Thai staff, children, and missionaries at ZOE. Through these people, they witnessed the love of Jesus, passionate worship and prayer, a great level of professionalism and justice-driven souls.

Brad has always had a heart for justice. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Alvernia University. When Brad witnessed the injustice of child trafficking, he decided to take an early retirement from 20 years in law enforcement to join the fight. As Director of Child Rescue he is now able to use his experience to manage a team of Thai “rock stars” (as he often refers to them), focusing on prevention, intervention, and social work.

Lori has always had a passion for bringing hope and encouragement to those around her. The mission of ZOE resonates with her heart.  She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies from Liberty University.  Lori has experience in business, office management, case management and mentoring. She enjoyed a management position for a leading orthodontic practice as well as case management and mentoring at a local women’s shelter in her hometown.  Lori's former business was a success as she partnered with family and friends to spread love and generosity to her community.  Lori is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Counseling and Leadership.  She is excited to use her skills to mentor staff and children and to be a part of accomplishing the vision of ZOE to reach every person and rescue every child.