Dr. Rhonda Lee Petrini

Dr. Rhonda Lee Petrini loves learning. As a single mom of two wonderful daughters, she earned a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership at Biola University; a master’s degree in executive leadership from the University of San Diego and the Ken Blanchard Companies; and a doctorate (Ed.D) in adult education from Walden University. Her career has included leadership roles in healthcare, education, and ministry.

As an educator and social justice advocate, Rhonda Lee agrees that, “Education does not change the world. Education changes people. People change the world” (Paulo Freire). The most important lesson from her doctoral research was the importance of HOPE for those marginalized in our society. This finding is consistent with Scripture as HOPE is, indeed, the anchor for our soul (Hebrews 6:19). It is also well aligned to the goal of ZOE International to bring HOPE and a future to children rescued from human trafficking.

In Dr. Petrini's research, authentic HOPE was articulated as a two-step process. First, authentic HOPE requires catching and owning the vision for a better tomorrow. Secondly, authentic HOPE requires a strategic, practical pathway to achieve the vision. Rhonda Lee was impressed with ZOE International after seeing that ZOE has integrated both steps so the ZOE children can indeed experience real HOPE!

Her responsibilities as a stateside ZOE missionary are varied. Rhonda Lee works with the ZOE team providing (a) educational structure and compliance for ZOE's new children's home in Los Angeles, (b) community education on behalf of ZOE International, and (c) various organizational training curricula for ZOE's corporate-global training programs and ZOE's Children's Home Los Angeles (ZCHLA). When she is not deeply immersed in her work, Rhonda Lee loves spending time with loved ones, playing with her two adorable labradoodles, reading, traveling, and playing racquetball.